I develop Custom Contract Forms with E-Signature Capability for your Website

Excellent Custom Contract Forms with E-signature capability (Send email to charlotteweddings.net@gmail.com to inquire about creating contracts for your business)

- Adjusts to Computer or Mobile Devices automatically
- Forms are placed in your website under your control
- Customer fills the contract form fields on your website, signs it, and clicks "submit"
- Contract arrives in your email with the customer's signature
- You can use "reply" in email to send contract along with your approval to the customer email
- Contract forms are designed in PHP script. Your website hosting account must support PHP execution
- Very low one-time design and integration fee. No monthly charges. All your contracts are saved in your email

Try the sample contract form below. Enter "Customer Email" and "Email to send the contract to" correctly, fill out rest of the form, sign it and "Submit". Check the email where contract was sent to for the result.

This Rental Agreement is between Hospitality Corp. and the Renter. The contract will be considered final after deposit is received and Hospitality Corp.approves it by return email.
Full Name:
Your Address:
Event Date:
Start Time:
End Time:
Number of Guests:
Customer Email:
Email Contract will be sent to:

Rental Agreement

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